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Electrical Safety

Diggers Hotline

We are very safety conscious here at Dunn Energy Cooperative. Not only do we look out for the safety of our employees, but also you, our member. If you plan on doing any digging in your yard, remember to call Diggers Hotline. You can reach them by simply calling 811. State law (Wisconsin Statute 182.0175) requires notifying Diggers Hotline before you excavate, grade, trench, dig, drill, augur, tunnel, scrape, plow cable or pipe. Excavation, according to the law, means anything that moves, removes or displaces earth rock or other material in or on the ground.

Diggers Hotline

Hotline Demonstrations

We also offer free a Hotline demonstration for groups of school age children to promote electrical safety. Our linemen set up a small scale live electric line and show children the dangers of playing near powerlines. From kite strings to tree branches, our linemen will help your children learn to stay safe around electricity. If you are interested in this, please call our office at 715-232-6240 to set it up.

One of the very first electrical safety videos ever created and distributed worldwide was made right here in Dunn County in 1956.  Dunn County Electric Cooperative employees took part in the making of the movie. We found the original reel-to-reel movie when searching through the archives for our 75-year anniversary. Enjoy My Pop's a Lineman!



Tree Trimming

To protect your family, your property, and your power service, Dunn Energy Cooperative offers free tree trimming and clean up as a part of our comprehensive maintenance plan. Every few years, DEC professionals will visit your area and identify trees that are in need of trimming.

  • Trimming trees for safe, reliable service - just another way your energy cooperative is your hometown partner.
  • If you have tree limbs on your property that are leaning into or hanging over the power lines, please call us before removing them. Our experienced linemen and hired contractors will trim the necessary branches.
  • If you are worried about a tree that is dead and ready to fall and could land in the power lines, please call us. Again, our experienced linemen and hired contractors will remove the tree.

Learn More to Stay Safe

Part of the cooperative difference means looking out for you with education and training. That's why the co-op partners with Diggers Hotline and the national Safe Electricity program to promote safety awareness. Safe Electricity has resources for children, teachers, homeowners, and contractors.