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Energy Sense

What makes Energy Sense for you?
As your energy provider our goal is to help you make decisions that make sense for your home and your family. We offer many different programs, incentives and resources to help make that happen. Below are descriptions of some of the programs we offer. Go ahead. Scroll down. Start educating yourself on energy savings now.

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Home Energy Audits

Dunn Energy is a firm believer in energy conservation. As a service to our members we will have a certified energy auditor come out and analyze your home and give you hints for ways to save energy. This is a paid for service, but Dunn Energy will split the $300 cost with the member. Just give us a call to schedule your home energy audit.

Certified energy auditors in our area:

On Site Performance Testing

St. Croix Energy Solutions


Dual Fuel Off-Peak Heating
Two fuels can heat better than one. This program combines reliable clean electric heat with another heating source such as electric storage, gas, oil or wood. For allowing Dunn Energy this privilege you receive a rate nearly half the general service rate.


Water Heater Load Management
Continuing our efforts to use our electricity efficiently, we offer load controls for your water heater. The water heater must be electric and at least 50 gallons. Members participating receive a $4 credit on their electric bill. Dunn Energy installs and maintains the receiver at no cost to the member.

Air Conditioning Load Management
Save $24 per year by participating in our load management program for central air conditioners. The load control strategy will cycle the A/C unit 15 minutes on and off during peak demand times.


Rebates and Incentives
At Dunn Energy Cooperative we pride ourselves in being able to help our members find ways to save money on their energy bills. From conservation tips to rebates on efficient lighting, cooling and heating, you can find something for you at DEC.


ElectricSense Online Store
If you want to purchase quality lighting and water saving items at an already rebated price you can shop our online marketplace, ElectricSense! After verification that you are a member of Dunn Energy Cooperative the rebate will be applied before you check out of the online store! No need to remember to save receipts. No need to make copies and mail them to the cooperative. Now that's efficient! 

Evergreen Renewable Energy
Dairyland Power Cooperative's "green" portfolio includes wind, landfill gas-to-energy and animal waste-to-energy. Dairyland also supplies renewable energy to member cooperatives from our 22 MW Flambeau Hydro Station near Ladysmith, Wis. As an environmentally conscious member, you can purchase energy credits that are billed monthly and go towards research and development of additional renewable energy projects. You can download and print the Evergreen Renewable Energy form and send that in to our office if you are interested in participating in the program.
For more information on any of these programs, feel free to email us via the Contact Us link at the top of the page or call us at 715-232-6240.