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Rebates and Incentives

Below you will find a detailed list of the Energy Sense rebates and incentives offered by Dunn Energy Cooperative. If you have any questions, please call the office. To download the rebate forms required for submitting applications, please click on the headings.




AHRI Certified Reference Number required for all HVAC incentives


Ground Source Heat Pump Incentive

  • Paid to member at $400/ton of the system
  • Need a copy of the receipt and serial number of the unit
  • AHRI Certificate must be provided


Air Source Heat Pump/Mini Split

  • Paid to member at $150/ ton of the system
  • Must be 14 SEER or higher or EER 11.5 or higher or HSPF of 8.2 or higher
  • Need a copy of the receipt and serial number of the unit
  • AHRI Certificate must be provided


ECM Blower Motor incentive – new furnace installation

  • Incentive is $35 per unit
  • Need a copy of receipt indicating ECM/Variable Speed blower motor
  • Must be fully variable speed or AFUE >= 95% & EAE <=670 kWh/year
  • AHRI Certificate must be provided



  • LED Exit Signs - $5/fixture
  • Occupancy Sensor - $5 each
  • T-8 Electronic Fluorescent (retro fit only) - $4/lamp/fixture
  • T-5 Electronic Fluorescent - $6/lamp/fixture
  • LED Bulb - $1/bulb (capped at 20% of cost of bulb – 5-bulb minimum)
  • LED hardwired Energy Star fixture (indoor and outdoor)- $1 per 800 lumens (capped at 20% of cost)



  • Faucet flow restrictors (1.5 GPM or less) - $1 each
  • Showerhead flow restrictors (2.5 GPM or less) - $5 each




Energy Star Clothes Washer – Clothes Dryer - Refrigerator - Dishwasher – Freezer - Dehumidifier

  • Incentive is $25 per unit
  • Unit must have Energy Star rating to qualify
  • Member must provide a copy of purchase receipt
  • Must provide proof of Energy Star rating
  • Refrigerator must be >= 10 cu. Ft.


Heat pump dryer

  • Incentive is $50 per unit


RECYCLE – Get an additional $25 per working freezer, refrigerator or window a/c unit that you recycle – need proof of recycling to qualify for the rebate.



  • Incentive is $125 for units 80-99 gallons and $200 units 100 gallons and over
  • 75-99 gallons must have EF of .90 – 100+ gallons must have EF of .85
  • Unit must be put on the DEC load control program
  • Member will receive and additional $4/mo. credit on bill for load control*
  • Member must provide a copy of purchase receipt
  • Must provide proof of Energy Factor (EF)


*must use at least 400 kW/mo.


Solar or Heat Pump Water Heaters

  • $300 rebate
  • Must be new install or replacing an existing electric water heater
  • Must have an Energy Factor of 2.0 and be integrated.
  • Does not have to be on Load Management program
  • Solar Storage heaters must have electric back-up





Renewable Energy Grant/Rate Incentive

  • Incentive will be paid out at $150 per installed kW of the system up to $1,500 max (i.e. 4kW=$600 - 10kW=$1,500)
  • Member will have 6 months from the date issued to use the grant
  • Funds will not be paid until project completion
  • Funds cannot exceed 25% of the project cost
  • Member should complete a renewable energy site assessment through a certified professional before applying for the grant
  • Systems must be wind, solar or biomass used for electricity production
  • Systems must follow all rules and regulations set forth in Dunn Energy Cooperative policy and PSC rule 119 for interconnected renewable energy electric generation
  • Dunn reserves the right to award no grants, at its discretion, if the projects do not meet the above guidelines


Controlled Electric Vehicle Charging Station

  • Incentive is $100 paid to member






Home Energy Audit

  • Incentive is $150 credit towards the cost of a home energy audit
  • Work must be performed by a state certified energy audit specialist
  • Typical total cost is $300 less credit
  • Bill for audit will be sent to Dunn Energy Cooperative and the member will see the charge on their energy bill, less the $150 credit
  • Cost of the audit generally includes one follow-up visit for retesting after recommended correction measures have been made.
  • Eligible for only one audit every five years – limit 50 members
  • If requests exceed 50, members will be placed on a waiting list and awarded incentives if money becomes available
  • Credit cannot exceed 50% of the actual cost of the audit or $150


Home Audit follow up incentive

  • Incentive is a max of $500 per member and must be claimed within 24 months of audit
  • Must have done a home energy audit through the Dunn Energy program first
  • Consultant will give the homeowner a series of recommendations of ways to improve energy efficiency.
  • Dunn will credit member up to $500 for completion of efficiency updates/improvements
  • Not to exceed 20% of total project cost (i.e. spend $2500 or more get $500 back from Dunn)
  • Member can do any combination of one or more of the projects listed by the consultant.
  • Projects should be related to electrical reduction and/or electrical efficiency.
  • Additional $100 bonus available for at least 25% or 400 minimum CFM reduction


Touchstone Energy Home Program

  • Incentive is $500 per home
  • If requests exceed five, members will be placed on a waiting list and awarded incentives if money becomes available
  • Need a copy of State Energy Star certification
  • Program is arranged by the homeowner, builder and state Energy Star Home staff. DEC just does the final rebate if the home passes and is certified as a Wisconsin Energy Star Home




Incentives for farm include:

  • Plate coolers - $500
  • Dairy Refrigeration heat recovery system with electric back up - $300
  • Low/Zero energy livestock waterer - $50 per unit (must be less than 500-watts, insulated tank)
  • Scroll refrigeration compressor - $30 per HP – max rebate $1,000/compressor
  • Variable speed/frequency drives - $30 per HP – max rebate $1,000/drive; min. 1HP
  • Ag Fan –exhaust - $1 per inch diameter (36” fans must be rated 18 CFM/watt+; fans over 36” must be at or above 21 cfm/watt)
  • Ag Fan-circulation - $1 per inch diameter (Fans under 36” must be rated 18 ft-lb/kW - 36”+ fans must be rated at or over 21 ft-lb/kW)
  • Commercial Vending machine controls - $25


Custom Farm and Commercial incentives are available. Contact the office for more information.



  • All incentives are available on products purchased and worked performed from 1/1/18 until 12/31/18
  • Dunn Energy reserves the right to terminate all or part of this program at any time
  • Each incentive has a budget, when that budget has been met the incentive may end
  • Dunn Energy reserves the right to transfer allotted program budget funds between programs as need
  • Only active electric members of Dunn Energy Cooperative are eligible for these incentives
  • Incentives listed are as of 1/1/18 - call Dunn Energy Cooperative for updates
  • All energy efficiency measures and appliances must be installed on the DEC system to qualify for an incentive
  • Rebates in the amount of $500 or less will be issued in the form of an energy bill credit, unless otherwise requested. Checks will be issued for amounts larger than $500
  • Rebates CANNOT exceed 20% of the purchase price of item being rebated
  • All forms and receipts must be turned in within 6 months of purchase date or by December 31 to qualify for rebates.