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Ways to Save

Looking for easy ways to save?

Take a look at these great resources!


Questline is an electronic newsletter that members of Dunn Energy Cooperative have access to. You can search Questline for tips, past articles by keyword, and use several energy calculators to help you conserve more in your home, business, or farm.

Do you want to upgrade your old incandescent light bulbs with CFLs or LEDs but aren't sure on what wattage you need? Below is a wattage conversion chart that comes in handy. If you are replacing a 60-watt incandescent light, all you need is a 5-watt LED. That's huge energy savings!

With the Touchstone Energy program Together We Save you can find out how little changes can add up by taking a virtual home tour today!


Would you like to be able to sit down and figure out where every kilowatt you use is coming from? With our Use Energy Wisely booklet you can do just that. It gives you tricks and tips to save as well as a worksheet to figure your usage down to the last kilowatt.

Are your kids interested in learning more to help save the enviroment? Why not let them play online with CFL Charlie and the rest of the gang at the Touchstone Energy Kids Zone? Games, activities, stories, and more await the curious mind of children of all ages!